The BlindSight units are 3D imaging transmitters specifically designed to be use by dogs.

They improve the quality of life and provide a return of confidence. Original design as an appliance for blind Service Dogs, The BlindSight units are designed for extreme reliability, a 10+ year service life and are patent pending.
For BlindSight to work for a dog, the dog must have good high frequency hearing. In practical terms, this can be tested with the common “silent dog “whistle” they can probably hear the BlindSight unit as well. The BlindSight unit uses frequencies above the human hearing range to provide echo information that may be “decoded “by the dog’s own brain to provide a virtual picture of it’s surrounding. Dog with poor high frequency hearing are unlikely to be helped. Even dogs that seem deaf by human standards may still benefit from the BlindSight unit IF THEIR HIGH FREQUENCY HEARING IS STILL INTACT.

The choice to equip a blind dog with a BlindSight unit is a very serious decision, as once the dog has fully adapted to the unit it would be cruel in the extreme to take away.

BlindSight-S2 unit for canines over 25 pounds or larger, less active dog. Package includes spare hardware kit. US Delivery included. A custom sized harness will be included at no charge for harness mounting.

These BlindSight units are provided free by a third Party organization to qualified retired service dog who are registered with the U S War Dogs Association, Inc.



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