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WDotW: Actually, No, There are no Military Dogs Left Behind.


In the free-for-all that constitutes information sharing in the age of Twitter, Face Book, and personal blogs, there is plenty of misinformation about Military Working Dogs (MWDs) circulating on social media and on not-to-be-trusted websites. These myths range from the fairly innocuous and tiresome (MWDs are outfitted with titanium teeth to make them more ferocious) to the blatantly false and far more serious (all MWDS are euthanized at the end of their military careers). But you generally don’t see this kind of un-reported rumor mongering on reputable news sites.


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  1. Do you have statistics on many of these dogs have been killed in Afghanistan and other recent conflicts? We hear about the brave dogs that make it, but how many have been killed? They don’t “volunteer” like people – it doesn’t seem right.