USWDA, Carts for Retired Military Working Dogs is a new program

to further assist our Retire Military Dogs  in need of further support.

The majority of retired Military Dogs are retired do to health issue,

so we set up an Rx Program to cover prescription drugs for our K9 Heroes.

Now we have taken it one step further and that is to provide

Dog Wheelchairs when needed by these Heroes.

The program will work this way. If your Veterinarian feels that

your Retired Military Dog needs the assistance of a Dog Wheelchair

we will provide one.

Have you Veterinarian write a prescription for the Dog Wheelchair

and mail that along with our application ( see link below) and we will

ship one to you.

The only stipulation is that when you no longer need the Dog Wheelchair,

you will send it back to us here at the United States War Dogs Association.



Carts for RMWD's2


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