Sgt. At Arms: United States War Dogs Association, Inc. 2000-present

Al enlisted in the US Air Force on 1 April 1966 at the famous New York City Times Square Recruiting Office. He was shipped to Lackland AFB in Washington State for Sentry Dog Handler training. After which he received orders to Viet Nam via Travis AFB. Laning in Saigon Al was quickly transferred north to Phu Cat where he spent the remainder of his tour. While there he could often be found at the local orphanage in Ah Nhon with fellow dog handler Bill Meyer assisting the nuns with the young children.

After Viet Nam, Al was discharged from the Air Force from Plattsburgh AFB and wnt directly into training for the Paramus Police Dept in 1969. He served there for 38 years attaining the rank of Traffic Sergeant and having received many awards for Life Saving and Meritorious Commendations. He retired in 2008 and went onto stay working with animals in the Paramus Animal Control Dept.

Al was a founding member of the USWDA and continues to proudly serve on the board today.

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