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US Airways prevents military dog war hero from flying to DNC

A bomb-sniffing military dog that has served two tours in Afghanistan  was refused passage on a U.S. commercial flight to the Democratic National  Convention last week by a pilot who was concerned the K-9 could be  aggressive.

The 6-year-old German shepherd named Kevin was prevented from boarding a US Airways flight from Phoenix, Ariz., to  Charlotte, N.C., on Sept. 1. The dog has flown on other commercial flights  previously, usually sitting on the floor at the row of seats next to the  bulkhead of the passenger cabin with his Navy  handler.


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  1. really? Come on. Get Serious! If this dog was being escorted by his handler there is no excuse for not allowing him to fly.

  2. This is disgusting these dogs deserve to be treated with the upmost respect just like any other solider these animals have saved thousands of lives and come back to be treated like this disguting