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Rx Program for Retired MWD’s


The free prescription drug program offered through the United States War Dogs Association and Curexa  Pharmacy Is good for your Retired Military Working Dog.

With Healthcare costs on the rise, the United States War Dogs Association will help eliminate some of the financial burden put upon individuals and families who have adopted a Retired Military Working Dog.

This is not an insurance program. This is an Rx program for your Retired Military Working Dog which will only be recognized by Curexa Pharmacy. All drugs are covered as long as they are available to Curexa Pharmacy.  Generic drugs will be substituted when available.

As I stated earlier, this is not an insurance program, it doesn’t cover any type of treatment for your dog only prescriptions. (No over the counter medication is cover or if the prescription drug can also be purchased over the counter).

Prescription Dog Food is not Covered.

Before this program can go into effect we will need an Rx Program application filled out and a copy of your Retired Military Working Dog Adoption papers mailed, emailed or faxed to us. Once we receive the application and copy of adoptions papers,(Covenant not to sue with indemnity form must be included) you and your dog will be entered into our data base which will be only shared with Curexa Pharmacy.

Once we have the data base in place, those who have signed up will be notified as to when the program will start and all of the contact and mailing information for having your prescriptions filled.

I am hoping to have the program ready to be implement by 01 May 2014.

Here is how our program will work. When you take your Retired Military Working Dog to your veterinarian and get a new prescription, you will send the prescription to Curexa Pharmacy.

Mark Taylor of Curexa Pharmacy will fill your prescription and mail it to you. It is as easy as that.

The United States War Dogs Association will cover the cost.

To be eligible for our Free Rx prescription drug program, the retired dogs must have served time in the military and assigned to a permanent duty station.

Retired dogs who did not make it through the training dog program are not eligible.

For further information please contact.

Ron Aiello

U. S. War Dogs Association, Inc.

1313 Mt. Holly Road

Burlington, New Jersey 08016

Phone No:  609-747-9340

Cell No: 609-234-4539

Fax No: 609-747-9340

For Rx Program Application, click on link below:

RX ApplicationMWD

Ron Aiello, President
1313 Mt. Holly Rd.
Burlington, NJ 08016

Phone 609-747-9340

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