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Rebecca’s War Dog of the Week: May claims two K-9 handlers, MA2 Brazas and Cpl. Coffey, KIA in Afghanistan

Shock and sadness rippled through the MWD world this week with the news that handler U.S. Navy Master at Arms 2nd Class Sean Brazas died on May 30th. He was killed by a single bullet while helping a fellow serviceman into a helicopter during “combat operations in Panjwa’l, Afghanistan.” MA2 Brazas’s working dog and partner, Sicario, was reportedly treated for heat exhaustion that day but was not injured in the attack.

Brazas is survived by his wife, Allie, and their 13-month-old daughter. Originally from Greensboro, NC, Brazas had just celebrated his 26th birthday on May 1, only days after arriving in Afghanistan.


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