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New lives for old dogs

JOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD, Wash. – Throughout the ages, dogs have served as a valuable asset to militaries everywhere. In modern times they continue to serve with U.S. Soldiers in some of the most dangerous conflicts ever.

Prior to the year 2000 when a military working dog was retired from service it was euthanized, but on Sept. 27, 2000, Congress passed “Robby’s Law,” which allows military dogs to be adopted once they retire.

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  1. I am the daughter of a Retired Marine (Deceased) and wife of retired Sailor.. i have 1.5 acres & a big heart & would love to adopt a retired war dog. How do i do that?

    • When you find out how to adopt a Dog , Please let me know.
      Thanks , Don

      • Don

        Go to They handle all adoptions for us.

    • Go to They handle all adoptions for us.

  2. I would like to know more about Wardog adoption process. Can’t seem to download application form in PDF. Thanks Bob Chase

    • Go to They handle all adoptions for us.

  3. I would be curious to know if these war dogs could be retrained for work as a “service dog”?
    My daughter has had a traumatic brain injury and some of the issues she has to deal with are seizures and balance issues.
    we have been surching for months now for a large breed dog because our daughter is a plus size woman.
    we would be honored to have one of these dogs in our home. My contact info is as follows.
    George Stein
    We would appreciate any information you might be able to offer !

  4. I would like to be considered as a for-ever home for one of your heroes. I live in the foothills of California and have a loving Bernese mountain dog who is 6years old. If we could provide a home for one of your dogs please contact us. Sincerely connie strand

    • Go to They handle all adoptions for us.

  5. Thank God for Robby’sLaw !
    Kudos for all you do for the dogs, they deserve only the best !

  6. Hi –
    Is there a charity that is dedicated to supporting these dogs? I would love to contribute to their care either financially or on a voluntary basis.
    Thank you!

    • Sean, is the site to go to. They are chapter 6 of the United States War Dogs Association, Inc. They handle all adoptions and transportation for our organization. If you have any questions contact me at