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How One Marine Saved Dozens of Dogs and Troops

Doesn’t the name “Captain Brandon Bowe” sound like some kind of American superhero? In a way, he really is. A recent feat this Marine accomplished will have far-reaching effects that could end up saving the lives of dozens of dogs, handlers, and anyone involved in today’s military missions.

If you read my book Soldier Dogs, you’ll know of the vastly important advanced dog-team training offered at Yuma Proving Ground, in an arid southwest corner of Arizona. More than 200 dog teams go through the Inter-Service Advanced Skills K-9 (IASK) course every year before they deploy.


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  1. I will be reading “Soldier Dog” by next week as I am almost finished reading “Cry Havoc” by Nigel Allsopp. I am spellbound by the stories I have been reading about Military War Dogs, especially what happened to them in Viet Nam. I am in the process of building an animal rescue center on my property and am also going to construct a Vietnamm Military War Dog memorial on site and dedicate my shelter to their memory.
    Diane Baker