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With the use of this FREE RX CUT Prescription Discount Card, the cardholder can save money on prescription drugs for both Human and Animal prescription medication.  Keep in your wallet to use whenever you fill a prescription.

If you already have prescription insurance, please compare your co-pay either ahead of time by the website located on the card. or at the time you drop off or pick up the prescription and use the better of the two to get the best reduced savings.

If you have no prescription insurance, you will receive the highest savings possible up to 87 % of the original cost.

Use of this card benefits the Military Working dogs who keep us safe, secure and free by helping support their veterinary bills, their adoption costs, their packages of treats, toys, safety vests, doggles and booties when deployed, monuments and memorial plaques when they pass on and legislative efforts to better their working and retirement conditions.

There is no fees or cost to the cardholder for the U.S. War Dogs Association to benefit.  The fees come willingly with each use from the pharmaceutical companies who participate. U.S. War Dogs Association is proud to be one of the 450 non-profits who participate in this program.

Your use of this card is sincerely appreciated.  These dogs give their all in service and many give their tomorrows so we can have ours.  Thank you for helping them.

Ron Aiello


Contact me at for any questions re U.S. WAR DOGS ASSN. and the HELPDESK for card information answers to questions at 1-800-808-1213

Go to, to get your Free Rx Cut discount card and also search for the lowest prices.