Emergency Medical Assistance program offered through the United States War Dogs Association is available for Retired Military Working Dogs, Transportation Security Administration Working Dogs, Federal Bureau of Investigation Working Dogs and U S Secret Service Working Dogs.

With Healthcare costs on the rise, the United States War Dogs Association will help eliminate some of the financial burden put upon individuals and families who have adopted one of the above mentioned retired dogs.

This is not an insurance program. This is for emergency medical care and not for routine medical visits.

Service Must be provided at a Emergency Veterinarian Clinic.

To be eligible for this program you must be signed up with the USWDA’s Rx Program. Your application and a copy of your Retired Military Working Dog Adoption papers which should include the Covenant not to sue with Indemnity form) must be on file with us.

Start date for this program will be 01 August 2016.  No Grandfather Clause

For further information please contact.

Ron Aiello

U.S. War Dogs Association, Inc.

1313 Mt. Holly Road

Burlington, New Jersey 08016


Phone No:  609-747-9340

Cell No: 609-234-4539

Fax No: 609-747-9340

For Emergency Medical Care Reimbursement Form. See below.

Reimbursement Form