Once again I really do appreciate you taking time to do what you do. Jack loves to chew on hints like my hat and rucks sacs.  He loves his kongs. He has dry scalp and fish oil is very hard to find.

We have been enjoying the supplies you sent us! More pics to come soon!

We see all Nato dogs in the area as well. Just got these pictures from

the Belgian vet! Thank you guys so much for your support! Everybody

loves the doggles and the dog booties, the dental chews were perfect! I

actually took the portable bowls, and the dental chews on a med-evac

last week. Our MWD’s are also thoroughly enjoying toys. I had one of our

AMK-9 guys stop me while he was searching cars at the gate and ask me

for a kong for his pup. Thanks to you guys we were able to hook him up.

Thanks again for the support!





I received your boxes of treats yesterday. Thank you so much all the dogs love them. It was a very nice surprise. Again thank you so much.





Just to let you know I received the box today and everything is great thank you





I just want to thank you for everything you do. Currently deployed in South-East Asia, and your name is one that’s mentioned regularly out here! Thank you for all the support to and the War Dogs Association provides!






Hello, Sir, how’s it going? The sand is blowing out of control over here. We have received several of the care packages here and there are 10 happy dog team because of it. Thank you so much for your support. I’m gathering more pictures of dog teams, but all I have on this computer for now is my MWD, Don. Can you please give Miss Gail Snyder this e-mail for me? Thank you again for you support. I am attaching a few pictures of Don with some of his new toys and a picture of my re-enlistment.






Thank you for the packages that you and your organization had sent

if you could get me a list of the names that helped I would love to send

thank you letters to them, it isn’t much for everything that they do for

us but it is all that I am able to do for what means so much for us. It

is special to us knowing that we have so much support from strangers

that we have never met that sacrifice their time to support strangers

themselves. Ron thank you for everything, we are still here for awhile

but when our replacements are closer to getting here I will get you

their information.


Respectfully sent,




Thanks, Ron and boy, have I gotten packages from you guys. The support has been phenomenal. Ruby is my dog’s name, by the way. She’s a yellow labrador retriever.

But I got over a dozen packages from your organization. I really do appreciate it, but I have more than enough dog supplies now so you guys don’t need to send me anything else. Someone else could probably use your help now.

Thanks a bunch, Ron!





Hello to everyone. We all just wanted to send you all a big   “Thank you!” for all that you do for us back home. I have attached a couple   of pictures of with some of our dog handlers and one of our dogs “Crash”. We hope   you all enjoy the holidays. Thank you all once again.Best wishes,Byron 

Please accept this certificate on behalf of VCSI K-9 and the   handlers in Afghanistan for the great support you guys have provided to us   over the years.

Happy Holidays


David Pellerin


Ron the guys wanted me to thank you again for the cigars. They   loved it them,. Pretty much every night before dinner we stand outside and   burn boxes while we smoke cigars. Once again thank You.

SGT  Brownell


Hey Ron,

How are you   doing?  I am happy to report we have made it back to our kennel.    You guys are amazing.  There were so many packages here for the teams it   was awsome.  I did want to let you know that Chico’s Harness did come in   and we are excited to start using it.  I will get a pic of it with him   wearing it and send it soon.  All the teams here are very grateful for   the care packages and we got so much in that we shared it with the civilian   dog teams that work at the ECP.  We also sent a few of the care packages   to a couple of Romanian Dog teams that we train with from time to time.    We still have alot of care packages.  We got alot of tools and building   material in the mail that has helped out alot.  We now have Walls and   bed frames shelves in our tent.  I am going to send a few pics soon when   i get my camera back.  I kinda left it at one of the COBs we stopped at   and i asked them to send it to me in the mail.  I did forget to take   pics of Chico and I though.  Alot of the pics were of the mountains and   areas we were traveling through.  But i will get more of us on future   missions.


Forever Grateful,,
Dave and Chico



13 Dec 2011


Please accept this certificate on behalf of VCSI K-9 and the handlers in Afghanistan for the great support you guys have provided to us over the years.




Happy Holidays






David Pellerin












We received the packages. I have distributed them out to my teams and I am getting pictures in of them working. Again thank you for what you did for us because no one else would down here. They don’t realize the importance of these dogs and what they do.




Gunny A










I just wanted to thank you again for the work that you do for past, present and future dog teams. You are known world wide for your support to DoD dog teams. I’ve noticed on several occassions the boxes of goodies in handlers’ hooches while down range. Take care and thank you again.




K9 leads the way!


SSgt Justin Aycock






I received your boxes with the dog cots, kennel pads, toys, toothbrushes, etc. I’ve attached a picture of MWD Coli on the dog


cot and MWD Zora with the US War Dogs bandana that Gail sent. We appreciate all of the much needed items you have sent our way. Thank you for all you do for us.


April and Zora







I just wanted to thank you and your organization for all the support you have given the dog teams deployed to Iraq. The packages we receive are greatly appriciated by all of us and our dogs.

SGT Nicha Monhollen










I got the care package today.  I greatly appreciate the stuff it


contained.  The coffee and creamer should last me awhile.  I will give


Figo a few of the toys to play with while we are at work.  Again I thank


you so very much.




Travis Padgett




Mr. Aiello,


                I have been in the military for 6 years and a MWD Handler for just over a year.  Myself and Leica are stationed at Lackland AFB, Tx.   When I open your package I would never think that I would get something like that from someone that I have never met.  I want to say thank you for the Humidor and the cigars.  Being K-9 we really don’t get seen as much as most people would think.  You and your organization have made me realize how much more there is behind being an MWD handler.  I will take some pictures of my dog utilizing the equipment that U.S War Dogs has sent.     Once again I say thank you,  your organization has made this tour in Baghdad so much better.  


SrA Oakes






Dear War dogs,


Elmo and Myself would like to thank you for the care packages. He loved the toys and treats, I attached a pic of us for you all 




Robert J. Weddle






Got the package today please thank everyone who had a hand in helping


us. All of the things you sent will really make a difference here.




MA1 Sheek








     Thanks so much!  I will treasure these books.  I will be mailing you something back…….


Chief Beth Koehler




Thank you so much for thinking of us, if there were more Americans like you, this country would not be in such a bad shape, but that is what makes our country great. I will email you when I get them. Thanks again








I would like to thank you for supporting my unit while we are in the sand box. we really would like to thank you for the cigars that really hit the spot. Iwould also like to thank Mrs. Fleming, Mrs. White, the 4H Club, and all of the rest of the people who have sent gifts and letters of encouragement to us and our canine partners. People like you make it worth while to do our job, because you make us feel like what we are doing makes a difference, even though we love itand would do it anyway. I pass on your organizations name to every handler that i meet. i am also incuding some pics of myself and Speed at undiclosed locations. thank you again and my freind and teammates thank you also.


SSG Chris Swan and Speed






Thank you very much.  I have recieved your boxes and was very suprized.  I’m usually not a big cigar guy… but I just quite smoking and dipping, and I’m rather enjoying haveing the cigars to pacify any cravings I might have.  I’m sure it doesn’t help, but in my mind, if your not injesting, then your not smoking… (Bill Clinton anyone?)  Besides, a couple of the other guys here are big into cigars and are enjoying them right along with me.  From all of us thank you.


Paco (my dog) likes the furminator… thank you again for sending it off.  I’ve groomed him a couple times with it, and today, he was in the break area sniffing around taking his time.  I pulled the furminator out of my pocket and he came bolting over.  I guess he must like the way it feels or something.  With any other brush, I have to call him over.  Kind of wierd, the way he acts with this thing… but whatever works. 


Well, there young sir, I just wanted to thank you for sending off the boxes and let you know that I recieved them.  Not that I have much to offer, but if there is anything on this end that I can do for you, let me know.


Thank you again,


SSgt Haglund










Just got the boxes you sent and I just wanted to say thank you for all the stuff it is exactly what we needed, in fact the guys are playing darts as I type this. All the equipment you sent was perfect the guys where excited to open it and up tit to work. The bite sleeve is great a lot of the dogs a have never been on like that which is good now that we have it we can put some diversity into the training. The cookie’s from the cookie brigade where great there was a ton I took some of the extras and gave they to some of the straight leg cops that work with us and they destroyed they. They were definitely a winner amongst ell the guys and gals. I just wanted to say thank you again on behalf of all the handlers and here at the 379th ESFS/K-9. Thank you for all your support an unquestionable loyalty and patriotism. You are a great person and your organization goes beyond the limits to help out all the deployed troops in our military. Thank for what you do and especially for what you did during your time in the Marine Corp. I have a tremendous amount of respect for what you did over there and I am proud to follow in the foot steps of great men like you who set the standards for all K-9 handlers to follow.


Very respectfully


SSgt John Coddington




Will do….Thanks for the boxes, I recieved 5 boxes total from the Church in Hendersonville , NC…not too far from my hometown.  I have something in the mail for you as well, let me know when you get it.






I just wanted to tell you thanks for the care package, I just returned to Korea from NC last night and went and picked up my package this afternoon.  I have something in the mail for you as well.  Thanks for the note as well.  It’s nice to hear from one of the “Old Dogs”, I would also like to thank you and your fellow Devil dogs for your service in Vietnam.  You have my utmost respect.  The boys at the kennels get a kick out of the cigars when I bring them in Saturday.


I should be deployed next year after I PCS to Spangdahelm AB, Germany.  Most of our missions will be with the US Army/Marines.  I can’t wait to follow in the foot steps of the K9 handlers that went before me.  It is truly and honor to serve this country and I wouldn’t trade anything for it.  Again, thank you for your service and the care package.


“Semper Fi”


SSgt Justin Aycock




   Just wanted to let you know that I received your package today and so did TSgt Jones.  We are very thank full for the cigars.     I was asked how the other guys could get one of those humidors?  After they seen the kennelmaster’s they was like what do we need to get one.  I told them to email you and let you know who they was.  Plus picture.  If you could we have 6 other handlers that would like one if you could send the hook up.  The trainer and 5 handlers.  We still waiting on one more guy inbound.


Thank you in advance.


Robert Starkweather, SSgt, USAF








I wanted to let you know that I received your package, and man, I have to tell you, that it was the nicest thing anyone has ever sent me in my many deployments; your generosity is greatly appreciated! Also thanks for the words in your letter, its nice to know there’s people out there who cares. Please give our love to all of the men and women of the U.S. War Dogs Association, and the good folks in Burlington New Jersey.








Thank you for everything. I am currently departing the AOR to go home. I have passed on to the other handlers about the packages and they will enjoy them as well as their dogs. Thank you again.








Let me thank you for the outstanding gift you sent. It has to be one of if not the nicest thing I have ever recieved. I have shared the contents of this gift with the SF team I am here with and attached to. They likewise have njoyed and appreciated it. Thank you again and may the Lord bless you and your orginization.


Chris Dion




Hey Ron,


I recieved the boxes of treats n toys. Thank you soo much. This


will really help our section out. Here is a picture of our K-9 section and


then one of me and JAG. If there is anything we can do as a section or


anything I can do please let me know. Thank you for all the help and




Ronnie Garcia




Hey Ron, thanks a million I received the cigars.  I really appreciate it and I was curios to how you shipped butane in the mail but that was great glad you did.  Well I will keep you in touch with everything going on here.


Thanks again,






Thank you Ron you to have been a good friend an thank you again for all of


your support to me and all other K9 handlers alike.


SSgt Starkweather





Thanks for the items.  Here is a picture of Jaso and myself.  It’s going well here just hot.


Hey I can’t thank you enough for supporting K-9 like you do.


         TSgt J.D. Mascolo




Hey guys we got your packages yesterday thank you so much.  I will send more pics of us hopefully I can get one of all of us as soon as possible, but not sure if I will be able. Anyway thank you for your continuous support we really appreciate it.


Harden Ronald A SrA




Hi Sir,


I would like to thank you for all the stuff you sent for the handler and the MWD it will be put to great used especially the cold down stuff. I was also write to let you know that I will be leave this base and go to another base on Firday.  The address at the new location will be:


Hollis, Thomas




I got both packages today thank you very much for all your help an services for us over here that.  The stuff will hopefully will work for the dogs.


I got a new handler in that smokes cigars was wondering if he could get hooked up with some?








I just wanted to send you all a note to say thanks.  I’m stationed at Camp Bucca Iraq with my partner MWD Deny.  He’s a 10 yr old German Shepherd.  We have received a few packages from US War Dogs through other handlers here and we can’t thank you enough.








I just wanted to say thanks for the package.  The doggles and booties will work great for Jaso.  The cigars were a huge hit in the kennels.  Thanks again.






Mr. Aiello,
My name is Brian Morgan and I deployed here to Iraq, we just received your packages. I am here with SSgt Feltz, I snapped a couple of pictures of my MWD Cir with some of the gear you sent. Just wanted to say thank you,…he’s not to crazy about the booties right now, but I am sure in a month or so he will be glad he has them. Again Thank you so much !




Mr. Ronald Aiello


I was just like to say thank you very much for the wonderful cigars and beautiful box they came in.  That was very thoughtful of you and i really appreciate it.  Me and all the other fellow dog handlers here in Baghdad will definitely enjoy them!  So again we all say thank you very much!




Ryan   (SSgt Ryan Feltz – US Air Force)






I’ll pass it on to the other handlers here.  I just found out the other day that we also have 1 SF (civilian) team here with 2 others on the way within a week or so.  I’ll pass on some goodies to them along with US War Dogs info.


thank you so much Ron – and to “your crew” for all that you’ve done and continue to do for us downrange.  Your generosity is out of this world !


Take care – thank you for everything.




Kathleen and Riki






We received your boxes and we really appreciate them.  I’m going to get some pictures together and send them to you.  Again I would like to thank you for all the support you have been able to provide us with.  You guys at the US War Dog Association are making life much easier on us over here.


Thank you.


Jason Ray




Hey Ron, we received your packages today and wanted to thank you very much.


Trish Hascall






My tour here is just about over so I dont really need anything else for me but we have a few new guys here so I will pass on your information to them for you. It is great to hear from and I just want to say once again that I am extremely thankful for everything you sent me and all of us out here, we truly appriciate it. Thank you. You stay safe and take care of yourself.


SrA Paul Shoemaker




Hello Ron,


we got 3 packages yesterday and wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  There are so many goodies… I have 1 more team photo to take and then we are trying to get a kennel photo with all of us.  As soon as I get that done, I will send you all those photos.  Thank you so much for your support from all of us


Trish Hascall






Yes we all got our Christmas packages on time, I thank you so much for everything you have done for us and especially our dogs. I am having everyone from our kennels here personally send a thank you email to Cindy, Chuck and Linda for all of their time and help as well. If it is ok with you could you please not tell them to expect these emails, I would like it to be surprise for them. Again, I want to thank you for all of the packages and the support you have provided to all of us here. You have personally made our deployment just that much easier because of all your time and effort in supporting us. Thank you and I will pass your email address to those who come and take our place soon so that you can continue to support our unit here. Thank you, stay safe, and never forget that everyone here truly appreciates everything you do for us.


SrA Paul Shoemaker






Things moved quickly at the end and I wasn’t supposed to go home until the end of this month.  Thank you so much for everything you did for us.  It was wonderful to have your support. .  Thank you again.








thank you so much, the dogs loved their treats and their human partners as well.


you made their Christmas






Hey there, I am one of the Navy K-9 Dog handlers up in Mosul Iraq at FOB Diamondback.  Myself and the others would like to say thank you for all that you have done.  We just received the packages that you send us, everything was perfect, exactly what we needed and everything got and will be put to good use.  This is my second deployment in Iraq as a dog handler and even the last time I was out here, we received stuff from you guys that makes our deployment a little smoother.  We all appreciate everything and just wanted to say thanks for the support.  I will try and e-mail you a few pictures of us and our dog if you like, an the next week.  Thank again for everything, Happy Holidays and God bless.




MA1 Jason Silvis


Navy Dog Handler






     I received you care package came in today.  Thank you very much  I am great full along with the other handlers. 




SSgt Starkweather, Robert


379 ESFS   K-9








Hi Ron,


    Just got back from a long week of convoy ops (whew). I just wanted to let ya know that we received the rest of the care packages that you and your friends sent.


    Ya know….never in a million years would I have thought that there were people out there like you guys that really cared to do as much as you’ve done for us. I, and the other handlers, are just floored. We don’t know what to say. When we came in this morning and saw there were more packages from U.S Wardogs, we were in shock. We just looked at each other and said, “Holy ****!”


    I guess the only thing I can say is thank you again, and God bless all of you for making our lives (and the mutts) more bearable here. We will never forget you!


    I’m spending the rest of the afternoon thanking all the others also.


Thanks again Ron, talk soon.




Allan Tetreault






Thank you for all the support you have been providing the US Military and Military Working Dogs.  The US War Dogs Association has helped out in my past 2 donations and you helped recognize a handler friend of mine at Hickam AFB who was injured in Iraq. The K-9 team’s here at Manas AB, Kyrgyzstan are very much appreciative of all your donations. 




Is there possibly anything we can send you from here as a token of our appreciation?  




Thanks again for all your support and I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. 






Edward B Keenan Jr, TSgt, USAF










Hey Ron, we got those packages today! OMG, there are lots of tails wagging here tonite!!! You guys rock, and we will never forget this!!!!




Love Ya…Allan










      I received 4 Christmas care packages and 2 other care packages.  We all thank you very much it was all great,  as soon as I got off work they were all like open up and see what we got.  Well hope you have a good day and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Have you received my card that we had sent to you?




SSgt Starkweather, Robert


379 ESFS   K-9






Once again, thank you very much! I’m glad that there are people out there like you and that they don’t forget about K-9. Take care and keep up the great work.








    I received the package with the Dog booties and everyone is very thankfull that you had sent them.  I just wanted to let you know that we got them




SSgt, Starkweather, Robert


379 ESFS  K-9








We received 2 more packages from you, so I wanted to again pass on a thank you.  Today is Thanksgiving here so we finally had a decent meal.  Again thank you.


Chad Eagan








Thanx for everything you have done for us here in Iraq and especially FOB McHenry.  Michelle Smith has been so ever greatful to us here.  We appreciate all your hard work and dedication to us while we have been here.  Our time is almost up and We just wanted to say thanx.  Hope you and yoru family have a HAPPY THANXGIVING!  Have a great holiday!




SSgt Zeb Handeland








Hello All,




Me and Louis would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  Please eat lots of turkey for us.  Unfortunately, we did not get to gobble on some turkey.  We really appreciate all the support you have given us.  It means alot.  We heard that our relief is coming and we have about 2 wks left. 🙂  Well time to go back to work.  Happy Thanksgiving again.




Gerald and Louis








That’s good! Hope you have a good Thanks Giving!! Take care and keep up the great work


SSG Jonathan Walsh.






Thank you. It is kind of funny. I read your E-mail this morning then my mail clerk handler came back with the mail and your box was in the mix.  I guess it only took 4 days to get here.  I really appreciate everything. I think it will take longer to distribute them from here to my farthest teams, than it did to get here from the states. 


Thank you again for everything.


Scott Parrish, US Army






    I got the care package with the cigars thanks we really great full the box that they came in are really nice.  I didn’t think you would have spent that kind of money for cigars but thank you.  We were surprised when we open the box up to see what kind you sent.  We was expecting swisser sweets or some cheap kind not expensive.  But the little things that you have done for us has meant so much to us.  To think that there are some people out there that still care for us and what we are doing for are country.  Like I said THANKS AGAIN for all that you have done for us……..




SSgt Starkweather, Robert


379 ESFS   K-9 Handler


K-9 Vehicle NCOIC








I really appreciate it…and thanks for all the great and hard work…and thanks for looking out for us WAR DOGS.

SSgt Jorge Davila
MWD Handler








     Thank you very much and you have a Happy New Year as well.  I just want you to know that I have received all of the Christmas Care Packages the last one I got was 27 Dec 05.  Thank you for everything you have done for us over here.


SSgt, Starkweather, Robert




Hey Ron, just got back and what do I find on my rack…a box with a bunch of cigars! Buddy, thanks so much! That really means a lot getting stuff like that. If I’m close by in June, I will make every effort to make it to the memorial dedication, because I would really like to meet you my friend….peace, Al










We really appreciate all the care packages that yall have sent, as do our dogs.  Most everyone here is on the last leg of our deployment and getting ready to head back state side, again I want to say THANK YOU for all the support you have given us and continue to give all others.  Take care, I ‘ll e mail again when I can.










 Received the fan and the package. Thanks so much will put the stuff to use. Think that vest will help out with the heat also, I know Dodo will really thank you for helping him stay cool.  Also here are a few more pictures.










We received your care package the other day.  I wanted to email ya and let you know from everybody at the kennels that we appreciate it.  The dogs love the treats and toys.  I also want to thank you for everything you have sent us during our deployment.  Its little things like that that help us get through these deployments.  Our time is almost up here.  And we will be returning to our respective bases.  Please give thanks to everyone at War Dogs and everybody that donated to send us care packages!  Thanks for your support             


SSgt Busha and MWD Drak








It is with a great deal of pleasure, for me to send this Thank You Note.  The items we have received have been enjoyed by the dogs and by the handlers.  We are deeply happy that not only are our families thinking about us, but those we don’t even know, are thinking about us in Iraq.


    I hope this finds you doing well.  You gave the dogs and the handlers the opportunity to play.  The toys, the dogs have loved playing with and it breaks up the constant work that they have to perform.  It has also given the handlers the opportunity to play with their animals and to relieve stress, even if they don’t realize it.


     I believe you will be blessed ten fold.  Thank you for thinking about us and keep us in your prayers.  Again, I thank you, the handlers thank you and if the dogs could talk they would thank you;  




TSgt Frye, Terri L.


 Kennel Master




Mr. Aiello,




I was just looking around your site and realized that I never sent a picture of my MWD Kim from Christmas in Baghdad.. We recieved several packages from your orginaization and with everything going on down there, I am sorry I never got a chance to thank you. I am back now since February, so better late than never. So than you for all the support we recieved while there. Kim is now with another handler, as I am PCSing back to the US next week, but I do have an address of another one of my coworkers if you need another contact down range in Afhganistan.




SGT William W. Webster and MWD Lucky










Ron Aiello,


  We got our package today. Thank you so much, it was awesome. We appreciate it so much. I am enclosing a picture of our kennels and handlers that was taken last week. Thank you again.




Ann M. Pitt, SSgt, USAF




The MWD section (including the dogs) would like to thank all of you for the support and gifts we have received.  It means a lot to be away from home and know someone in the states is thinking and praying for you.  Again thanks for all your support.




TSgt Frye, Terri L.




    Thank you so much for the care packages we just received, as you can imagine my guys here thought it was Christmas and were so excited! I am always touched by your organizations dedication and support to us deployed K-9 teams. I will be sure to take photos of my teams with the boxes and send them to you, thank you SO MUCH. 


TSgt Heidi D. Reilly
Kennel Master




Thank you very much for the supplies for our dogs and us.










Dear Ron,




I am one of the K-9 Handlers here in Eskan Village, who has recently


received a care package from your wonderful organization. I would just like


to tell you “Thank you” from the bottom of my heart. I can tell that MWD


Britt and myself enjoyed receiving the toys and tricks inside. I could see


that a lot of thought and care went into the making of these packages. I


think want our organization is doing is great especially for looking out for


the welfare of our MWD Teams. Your hard work shows through to keep our


troops motivated. Once again thank you for all the wonderful job you all are


doing. I also have a picture of MWD Britt and myself that I E-mail to you






Curl, Jonathan A. SSgt USAF


MWD Handler










I just wanted to email you and let you know that I received the care package here in Mosul.  Thank you very much.  I am from NJ and I can’t wait to go home and check out the war memorial.




SSG Dayna Sangemino and MWD Lucky






Ron Aiello,


                        I wanted to take this opportunity to extend my deepest gratitude for all of the items that the U.S. War Dogs association and it’s members have donated and sent to me over the past three months while I have been deployed. All of the things that have been sent have and will be put to very good use. All of the handlers that I am deployed with are very much appreciative of the packages that you have been sending over here. I will also be writing to the organizations that have donated the items that have been sent. Thank you again for all of your help and your support throughout the operations which dog handlers are supporting.




                                                                                                            Joshua K Bell, SSgt, USAF


















I got your package today. Thank you guys for sending that. sorry this is short, but I’m at work and limited for time. We are all doing OK over here and looking forward to going home. Halfway through this deployment!!




SSGT Matthew Taylor










I was trying to e-mail and let you know that I got the package and everything in it was good. The same package will be good. Thank you so much!!!




Jonathan Walsh


506th ESFS/ K-9






Mr. Aiello


Thanks alot,we all are doing goodt rying to stay cool from this heat. I shared my package with the two ther teams and they thankful for everything…thanks alot.




MA1 Chris Calloway










Dear Ronald L. Aiello




I would like to thank you and Pam Burkett for the recent Care Package that I


received from your wonderful organization. Britt and I have already enjoyed


some of our goodies inside. It defiantly brought a smile to on our faces to


be recipients of such nice stuff. I really appreciate the support your


organization has given to our Military Working Dog Teams stationed around


the globe. It’s nice to have supporters like your organization who


understands the care and hard work that goes with K-9 working dogs to


keeping them healthy and trained. I have found as most of us have, what a


great friend and companion a dog can be.  Including the trust you have for


one another in keep each other safe from harm. I’m here with working with


four other Dog Teams from around the world to form our MWD section.  We are


working hard to help support the safety and security of our soldiers and


civilian workers here at Eskan Village, Saudi Arabia. Our Team s here are


SSgt Curl/MWD Britt, SSgt Mansell/MWD Ben, SSgt Gilbert/MWD Kai, SSgt


Eaton/MWD Zero and SSgt Gum/MWD Tucker. If you would like to support them as


much as you have supported me any care packages ( or cards, letters, etc.)


would more than appreciated.




Curl, Jonathan A. SSgt. USAF


MWD Handler








Ron, I gave the 4H lady an email address for one of my guys to adopt a K-9 team. we got the package with all the supplements. They are great. some we can use some we cannot, but our replacements will probably use what we do not. We will hopefully be heading home soon, so I will pass on your email address to my replacement.




Thanks for all you have done for us, Mike


Sytsma, Michael A SSG










we got two of the packages that you sent yesterday.  thanks a bunch.  i will let you know when the other 2 get here.


we are almost out of here.  our replacements are on their way to kuwait.  so i am hoping to be out of here in less than 2 weeks.




MA1 Dayna Sangemino




 Dear Ron,




TSgt Mike Silvin, a USAF K-9 kennelmaster dropped off two boxes of goods that were donated by your organization.  I am a former USAF Kennelmaster as well and am now the director of a private canine company here in Baghdad.  Three fourths of my handlers are prior military working dog handlers.  Our handlers are used by the military to man checkpoints, mobile traffic control points, conduct search and clear missions, and support the new Iraqi government.  We have worked with the 1st AD, 1st Cav, V Corp, III Corp,  82nd Airborne, 5th SFG and will be working with the 1st ID shortly.  Anyway, I thought it was awesome that your organization thought of those dog handlers serving over here and just as awesome was the thought by TSgt Silvin to share these “goodies” with his comrades!




Take care and thanks again!








Bruce D. Goodale


Director, Iraq


Canine Associates International










I recieved your packages today. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done. I wish there was something we could send you guys to show our thanks. But unfortunately, we will be here for a bit longer. Once again, thank you. Those packages made being away from home a little more bearable


SSgt Matt Taylor










Mr. Aiello thanks again for all your support and donations. I am due to leave theater in a few days and have a replacement here that will need some support. We have move through out the country to different location and now have a new address




Corvis Littleton, US ARMY








Mr. Aiello,




I should be the one thanking you for all the support that you have giving us.  This is not a popular war and the support from the home front really means a lot to the men and women that are over here.  The dogs love the treats also!!!  We will be leaving here in about a month and I will pass you of to the next rotation of handlers.  I’m sure that they will appreciate you as much as we have.




It was no problem emailing Michelle back.  We all just love the packages and all the goodies that are in them.  Thanks again for all your support of the troops that are here and hopefully we will all be back home soon!




Thanks again




Jeffery T. Eltzroth, SSgt, USAF




506 ESFS/K-9








On behalf of the 506th ESFS/K-9 section in Kirkuk, Iraq; we would like to thank you for your support and the perfect care package that was sent to us. Thank you so much!! Your German Shepherds have the same colors as my 2 year old German shepherd that is over here with me. Her name is Aida and she’s a very passive dog. She loves to play and lick everyone, which I can not allow because I need her to be tough also. Here is a pic of me and Aida at the gate. Once again, thanks for everything!




SSgt Walsh






 Thanks Ron.  You’ve done plenty and our four legged friends will definitely enjoy there treats!!  By the way, is this the organization that Jimmy Thornton belongs to?  He was my first kennelmaster at Osan AB, Korea back in ’82.




Take care and thanks again,














  Just wanted to pass on my thanks for the care packages we received!  Took care of all my teams, as well as several American civilian dog handlers (many of which are retired military and handlers).  Your support is vastly appreciated.  Things are well.  Dogs are hanging in there, enjoying the heat (not!).  But the dogs do love to work.  They are very much appreciated here by the soldiers, marines, and airmen.  We cannot thank you enough for your concern and care.  Reminds us that no matter what we do, where ever we are, we are from a great country with some outstanding folks.  Take care.


I have included a photo of some of us out Saddam’s old digs, now home to the US Army.  We can’t wait until we sign over the keys back to the Iraqis.  But until then, K9 will be there keeping it safe.


Kennel Master, 447 ESFS Military Working Dog Section






Mr Aiello,


First, I want to thank you for your service before me. It is because of


heroes like yourself that makes it such an honor to wear this uniform I wear.


I want to say how much we appreciate all that your organization is doing for


all of us handlers that are deployed and away from our families. I thank you


for the care package, everything came in great handy. I have attached a


picture of me and my dog Kai, he is a 7 year old belgian malinois explosive


detector dog.


Thanks again and God Bless,


SSgt Terry Gilbert <<Terry and Kai.JPG>>












We just recieved the packages and they were great.  Both dogs and handlers are happy!!  We all send a million thanks to you and your organization.  I’ve attached a picture of everyone here with their MWD and a few of my MWD Roy.  Thanks again!!


There will be more pics to follow.




Morgan and Roy






Thanks again for all the support and care packages. We had a small break in the work load but now it looks like the wheel are in motion again. I had one handler leave for a family emergency and one coming to take his place. I should be leaving in JUL or Aug I will try to pass on the new crews info to you.






Corvis Littleton












            I would like to take this time to extend my utmost gratitude for the care packages that I received from the War Dog Association. Everything in the packages will be put to very good use by myself as well as the other handlers who I am serving with. I will also be writing to the generous people who donated items for the packages. I will be sending pictures of the dog teams who are currently serving at my location in the near future. Once again, thank you for all you are doing for handlers such as me and for all of the efforts that you have put forth.


                                                            Very Respectfully,


                                                                                                Joshua K. Bell, SSgt, USAF,


                                                                                                MWD, Zimbal








 My crew is due to head home in the next few days, and I wanted everyone to know we appreciate all the support (and visit from Richard–small world these days).  My relief is listed above and they are good people, so give them a shout from time to time.  No one messed with our post during our watch due to all the great security, K9 included.  Dogs had a blast with the toys and treats, and the handlers greatly appreciated all the food and supplies.  Stay safe and until we are in Iraq again next year, we will hear from you soon.


Kennel Master, 447 ESFS Military Working Dog Section
DSN 318-453-1012








  Thanks Ron, we have enjoyed your support beyond words.  We will be out of here in about two to three weeks. I will ask my relief if he wants to get involved with this project.  Been fun here, but it is definitely time for our people to go home.  Deployed way too much in the last year.  I’ll get back with you with a POC.


















Just wanted to write to let you know I received your package in the mail. In turn I have divided it up into 3 groups and mailed it off to my 3 dogs teams serving over in the area of the giant sand box.




I wanted to thank you for your support to our dog teams today. Although some of the training has change and today we are actually Military Police men/women, the ideas and concepts, love and affection behind working with our faithful partners, is something that will always bind each and every dog handler. From WWII to what ever operation comes in the future, all of us have a common bond.




Thank you again,




P.S. thank you for the book, posters, hats and bandanas






SSG LaLonde, CJ


Kennel Master


Camp Zama, Japan






Hello, I’m SSgt Heidi Reilly and I am returning home from a 6 month deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I have been a Dog handler for 6 years and this is the third deployment my dog Ceasar C123 and I have went on. I want to take a minute and let you all know that I was able to enjoy some of the wonderful items that you and your members sent to us in a care package, I am touched by all the generousity and I want to say Thank You to everyone, it meant the world to us.


     The War Dogs are our heros, we watch the documentory during our training to become handlers and hope that we carry on your legacy of pride. Thank you.






SSgt Heidi Reilly & Ceasar  














     I am rotating back to the states today and I wanted to thank you and your supporters for all the nice things.  Keep up the good work.  I have passed your address on to the next crew.  SrA Fritz should be emailling you in a couple of days.  Also the new Kennel Master is MSgt Ortiz, I don’t know if you are familiar with him or not.  Well keep up the good work.




John and Cheeta










Hey Ron, MWD Robby and I wanted to personally thank you for the care package


we received from you r organization.  Please if you can not give out the


people’s information who help you then please thank them for us.  It means a


lot when you are away from friends and family and you receive items from


people who don’t even know you.  Keep up the good work and I will be looking


forward hearing from your org in the future.






Brian Wilson / Robby


506 ESFS / K-9










I am currently TDY here with SSgt Ater.  I just wanted to say thank you for


all the support you have given us since we have been here.  I am just glad


we could do our part in finally getting Fluffy back to the states.  I also


sent an e-mail to thank Michelle Smith for her help in getting us those care


packages.  It was a real morale booster.


Thank You and God Bless,


SSgt Chris M. Falvey/MWD Ricky B278










Hello Sir,




I appologize for not staying in contact as much as I wanted.  We are moving things around and consolidating 3 bases into 1.  We have down sized troops to almost the bare minumum, however, those of us still over here must work even harder now.  I will not be back in Hawaii until at least August.  I will be moving to San Antonio TX by the end of the year.  I will be at Lackland AFB, working with all the new dogs coming in from the breeders/vendors.  Few things would make me happier than to train the finest working dogs in the world.  I am honored just to be able to work with them.  Please tell ALL We said Thank You for All the time and effort that is put into making this Memorial happen.  I am proud to have met such fine people.  I plan on making the trip to see it as soon as I can.




Thanks Again for the package.  We were all SO excited when it came.  We are working to put the last of your package together, but we are behind schedule.  I will make sure things are getting done.  I will let you know when it goes out.




God Bless and Best Wishes…………………..In Canes Confiderous ( Gaurdians of the Night )




K-9 Doctor


363 EMDG/VET – K-9 Doctor











     I just wanted to let you know that everyone recieved their packages and are extremely grateful.  Thanks again for your dedication.






SSgt John W. Ater II/Cheeta/Y167










     The packages have started arriving.  Thank You so much.  We are all grateful for your support.  Also, The last we have heard about “Fluffy” is that the Waiver is sitting on Rumfield’s desk.  I guess the Army Chief of Staff is pushing to get him home soon.  Thanks again for everything.




SSgt Ater












Saw your website and thought I would add to your photo collection.  Tucker


and I are at a classified location in support of  Operations ENDURING


FREEDOM, SOUTHERN WATCH and IRAQI FREEDOM (Yes, we have been here for


awhile)  My name is SSgt Lisa Holbrook and I my trusty partner is MWD Tucker


Z194, we originally hale from Tyndall Air Force Base.  It is a wonderful


website you have!  Thanks for supporting us!






384 ESFS/K-9














All of here at the 444th ESFS/K9 section would like think you very much for


the care package.  Everyone is getting great pleasure from the goodies.  At


this time we are not allowed to let people now out location, classified.  I


have 4 dog teams, trainer and myself assigned.  This base is starting to


close down and a good chance by the middle of June is will be completed.


All K9 personnel will be moving on to different locations.  We will be


replacing personnel that have been here for months.  We are all looking


forward to going on.  This base here is a great place to be for a temporary


location.  Work schedule is easy, especially on the dogs right now.  Home


stations are: Andrews AFB MD, Offutt AFB NE, Shaw AFB SC, and Dyess AFB TX.


I am the kennel master at Andrews and the trainer is one of my handlers, the


home of AF-1.  We have both been stationed there 7-8 years.  I have 22 1/2


years in the military and I think I have really decided to retire at the end


of the year.  I work part-time as a EDD dog handler for a private company


out of Virginia.  I have been with them for over 3 yrs.  Before 911 we had 2


full-time and me as part-time but now we have at least 13 teams and hiring


more.  We have various sites around the DC area, Atlanta and West Virginia.


The business is Explosive Countermeasures Inc, International (web:  My husband retired right before 911 and started working for


this company but he has been hired as one of the K9 trainers for Secret


Service, just waiting for start date.  He like ECI but we figured it would


be better for us to work for different organizations and plus his new job is


government, second 20 yr retirement.




I wanted to drop you this letter and express my thanks.  If you are ever


around the area of Andrews just look me up.  Should be back around there in




Thank you,










  Just wanted to pass on my thanks for the care packages we received!  Took care of all my teams, as well as several American civilian dog handlers (many of which are retired military and handlers).  Your support is vastly appreciated.  Things are well.  Dogs are hanging in there, enjoying the heat (not!).  But the dogs do love to work.  They are very much appreciated here by the soldiers, marines, and airmen.  We cannot thank you enough for your concern and care.  Reminds us that no matter what we do, where ever we are, we are from a great country with some outstanding folks.  Take care.


Kennel Master, 447 ESFS Military Working Dog Section
DSN 318-453-1012












Mr. Aiello,


 Thank you for the offer. The men here appreciate it.


 Being in Kuwait can bring adverse conditions on the dog teams here, but, the army supplies us with all the items needed.


 Things like Kongs and Bite Worse are items that are hard to get.


 Also, fur saver choke chains.


 But other than that, we are taken care of.


 Let your guys in the association know we thank them for their words of encouragement, and we’ll do our best not to let the folks back home down.




 Semper Fi




tony.gravley  ,kuwait


Wednesday, April 09, 2003 6:16 PM












I let the guys know about your program and it really gave them a lift.  Once again, the Military Working dog program is earning it money. We currently have dog teams in 8 countries supporting Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.  They are living up to the high standard that was set by are predecessors. They are doing everything from patrolling, EPW,and explosive detection.  Spirits are high and the guys are proud of the Job they are doing.  I can’t tell you what this will mean to them, like always the news is exploiting the Anti-war angle, and were glad to hear that there people back in the REAL world that support them.  A good mailing address is :




SFC Bart Knoch




Camp Doha, Kuwait






I’ll take care of that e-mail tonight.  Also we got a package from you today with Christmas goodies…..Thank you.   You are really taking good care of all of the dog teams.  We appreciate everything that you are doing. 




Morgan Basinger












Hello my name is SFC Klinger currently serving in the middle east.  I am


leaving in a few days for home, I have served my 1 year here.  Several


months back we received some care packages through Ron from War Dogs with


Doggles (from Cathy Gard) and sports drinks and all sorts of things.  We


stay pretty busy but I haven’t forgotten it over the many months.  I just


wanted to take a second to say Thankyou!   YOUR ENTHUSIASM CONTRIBUTED










Jason J. Klinger

Ron, thanks for the packages. Been busy but I saved the addresses and emails of the sponsors. Thanks for the support. This is my last time as K9 and I’m going to miss it.




Wow! We can’t thank you enough, all the stuff you sent is already being utilized. We recieved the boxes yesterday and were quite overwhelmed and had no idea that you would send that much stuff. It was such a morale booster and like I said we can’t thank you enough, I’ve already used the toys that I got in mine and plan on using the bath brush tomorrow after my CH-47 ride, Crock I’m sure will enjoy having on glasses this is when getting on and off the bird. As a token of our apperciation I would like to give u a picture of all the people who were directly influenced by your organizations selfless actions. and again THANK YOU!

SGT Thomas & MWD Crock



Ron L. Aiello and USWDA thank you so very much for the cool matts we just received the other day! Will be posting pictures soon of the very happy CWD’s cooling off on there new matts. Thank you again from all of us here in Baghdad.





I want to say thank you very much for the care package. It has come in handy. I have passed some of the fish oil around to other handlers which made them very happy. I have not started to ready Sergeant REX yet but i sure will. Jack says thanks for his super kong. he wont leave it alone.


Once again,

Thank you

SSgt Oakes, Lance & MWD Jack R 136



We have been enjoying the supplies you sent us! More pics to come soon!

We see all Nato dogs in the area as well. Just got these pictures from

the Belgian vet! Thank you guys so much for your support! Everybody

loves the doggles and the dog booties, the dental chews were perfect! I

actually took the portable bowls, and the dental chews on a med-evac

last week. Our MWD’s are also thoroughly enjoying toys. I had one of our

AMK-9 guys stop me while he was searching cars at the gate and ask me

for a kong for his pup. Thanks to you guys we were able to hook him up.

Thanks again for the support!


Michelle M.




I received your boxes of treats yesterday. Thank you so much all the dogs love them. It was a very nice surprise. Again thank you so much.


Joie/ K9 Mirko





Just to let you know I received the box today and everything is great thank you









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