Canine Members of the Armed Forces Act


Section-by-Section Analysis


Section 1 – Short Title

  • Designates this act as the “Canine Members of the Armed Forces Act.”


Section 2 – Findings

  • Explains that military working dogs have served honorably in the armed forces and other government agencies in ways that go far beyond their current designation as “equipment.”
  • Notes that military working dogs have prevented injuries and saved lives.


Section 3 – Retirement and Adoption of Military Working Dogs

  • Reclassifies military working dogs as canine members of the armed forces and states that they shall not be classified as equipment.
  • Authorizes the Secretary of the appropriate military department to transport retiring military working dogs to the 341st Training Squadron or another suitable location for adoption, if no suitable adoption is available at the military facility where the dog is located.
  • Authorizes the Secretary of Defense to accept travel benefits such as frequent traveler miles to facilitate the adoption of a retired military working dog.


Section 4 – Veterinary Care for Retired Military Working Dogs

  • Directs the Secretary of Defense to establish and maintain a system to provide for the veterinary care of retired military working dogs beginning on the date on which the dog is adopted.
  • Directs the Secretary to operate the system through a contract awarded to a private non-profit entity. The non-profit entity would be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the system; no federal funds would be used to operate the system.
  • Directs the Secretary to consult with the board of directors of the non-profit to establish standards of veterinary care, including the types of care to be provided, the entities qualified to provide the care, and the facilities in which the care may be provided.


Section 5 – Recognition of Service of Military Working Dogs

  • Directs the Secretary of Defense to create a decoration or other appropriate recognition to recognize military working dogs that are killed in action or perform an exceptionally meritorious or courageous act in service to the United States.

 Now that you have read the Canine Members of the Armed Forces Act, please contact your representitive and ask them to support this bill.

 House Version, (H.R. 4103).  Senate Version, (S.2134).

 You can find your representitive at the following site.  REPRESENTITIVES

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