How Dogs Become Awesome Bomb Sniffing Dogs

Because my imagination is trapped within the confines of my human pea brain, I always giggle to myself when I see dogs sniff anything and everything they run into. But dogs have 50 times more olfactory cells than we do! Of course they would put it to good use. And of course our human pea…

US Marine reunited with dog that saved his life

Lance Cpl. Brad O’Keefe, a Marine who served in Afghanistan, bonded with bomb-sniffing dog Earl during his deployment. But when O’Keefe was wounded, the two eventually became separated – until his sister and a Rhode Island trooper brought them together again. NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren reports. Read More:

Marine Waits For Best Friend To Come Home

Brighton, N.Y. – In the line of duty, military men and women look out for each other. Many times, becoming best friends. “He and I were working together really well and we just had this chemistry,” Marine Lance Corporal Brad O’Keefe said. O’Keefe was no different. Read More:

Dogs of modern war, part 4: The Pacific War, WWII

When the United States took dogs into the Pacific War during World War II, they would prove that they were essential to the survival of so many men. The new training methods were working. Handlers entrusted their lives to their dogs and they had good reason too. They were no longer just dogs, they were…