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100th year of the German Shepherd Dog in America

100 Years of German Shepherd Dogs in America to be celebrated at National Specialty Dog Show and WUSV World Trials Working Dog Championship October 6-20, 2013


Centennial Celebration of 100 years of German Shepherd Dogs in America

Dream Park (Gloucester NJ) and PPL Park (Philadelphia PA) October 6-20, 2013


Philadelphia, PA–The top German Shepherd Dogs from around the world are headed to Dream Park  (NJ) and PPL Park (PA) October 6-20, 2013 to compete for top dog and top team honors in two separate public events, sponsored by the German Shepherd Dog Club of America (GSDCA) and the Working Dog Association (GSDCA-WDA).


“The German Shepherd Dog is respected and admired throughout the world for its versatility, intelligence, courage and loyalty which have uniquely enabled it to serve mankind,” said Frank Fasano, President of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America.


“The focal point of this centennial year of the breed in America will be the GSDCA National Specialty Show and Centennial Gala at Dream Park in New Jersey October 6-13.  The following week, the Working Dog Association of the GSDCA will co-host the WUSV-2013 World Championship Trials at PPL park.  These two events are a unique opportunity to recognize the “best of the best” this extraordinary breed has to offer,” said Fasano.


Most often recognized for their role in law enforcement and military work, German Shepherd Dogs were the very first seeing-eye dog for the blind and have since evolved into a diverse array of service and companion dogs.   In 2012, German Shepherds ranked as the second most popular dog breed in America according to the AKC®.


National Specialty Show Features Competition in Herding, Tracking, Obedience and Conformation

Over 500 of the top German Shepherd dogs from around the United States will compete in the GSDCA National Specialty show Oct 5-9 at Dream Park, in Logan Township NJ.  The seven-day competition includes herding, obedience, tracking and conformation, and will also recognize the best young dogs and senior dogs in the breed.


“On the evening of Friday October 11, we’ll recognize the service of German Shepherd Dogs to America with a special ceremony honoring active and retired veteran dogs and their handlers representing all 5 branches of the US military service, as well as law enforcement and service dogs.  We are especially honored that David Frei, Director of Communications for the Westminster Kennel Club and well-known voice of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show will serve as Master of Ceremonies for the Gala Celebration” said Nancy Harper-Mulvaney, Chair of the GSDCA Centennial Committee.


Established History and Breed Standard; What Makes a German Shepherd Dog

The first recorded German Shepherds date back to 1899, and today they are one of the most iconic and popular breeds of pure bred dogs; rich in history with a broad range of capabilities from wartime service and law enforcement to service assistance dogs and even as actors in television and movies.   The first German Shepherd Dog was registered with the American Kennel Club in 1908.

The German Shepherd Dog breed standard promotes the development of dogs of equable disposition, who are poised, unexcitable, and with well-controlled nerves. For his typical work as a herding sheepdog, he must not be gun-shy and must have courage to protect his flock from attacks, either animal or human. For his work as a police dog, a development which followed upon his natural aptitude for training, he must have this courage and in addition must be able to make use of the excellent nose which he usually possesses. In his work as a leader of the blind, the Shepherd must and does exhibit a high order of intelligence and discrimination involving the qualities of observation, patience, faithful watchfulness, and even, to a certain degree, the exercise of judgment.


The dog as a whole is one of ruggedness combined with nobility, of power combined with agility.

These qualities, which have endeared the German Shepherd Dog to a wide public in practically every country of the globe, are those of the companion, protector, and friend.

About the German Shepherd Dog Club in America

In 1913, 49 German Shepherds were exhibited at the Westminster Kennel Club Show in New York. Two-dozen people then came together and formed the German Shepherd Dog Club of New England, the precursor to today’s national German Shepherd Dog Club of America.

Today the GSDCA today represents over 3000 members in 94 individual clubs in 9 regions throughout the US, Alaska and Hawaii.   The GSDCA is a founding member Parent Club of the AKC® Canine Health Foundation, and the American German Shepherd Charitable Foundations both of which were organized to fund health research.  GSDCA members and regional clubs work to encourage responsible breeding, dog ownership, youth participation and education and to preserve the physical characteristics of the breed and to encourage the development of working abilities of the GSD.


The Centennial year celebration will include local and regional efforts and a unique display that recognizes the rich history of the club and the breed, including historical artifacts, pictures, documents, and memorabilia.   More details will be provided on events and activities throughout the year and will be available on the Centennial website at




World Trials; the World Cup of Working Dogs in Tracking, Obedience and Protection


“On October 13-20, 29 dog teams representing 85 dogs from 30 countries around the world will descend on Philadelphia’s Dream Park for the competition known as the World Trials the WUSV World Trials.  This competition, which is open to the public, will feature working dogs and their handlers judged as a team in three areas of performance; tracking, obedience and protection in pursuit of the IPO Title,” said Dan Yee, President of the Working Dog Association of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America.


“This working dog sport (sometimes referred to as Schutzhund) offers an opportunity for dog owners to train their dog and compete with each other for recognition of both the handler’s ability to train and the dog’s ability to perform as required.   Persons of all ages and conditions of life – even those with significant disabilities – enjoy IPO as a sport,” said Yee.


See the 2013 Competition WUSV Welcome video from the German Shepherd Dog Club of American-Working Dog Association.  See the WUSV 2013 working dog video produced by


“The WUSV has over 300,000 members around the world who track this competition, and we’re expecting record attendance this year in Philadelphia.  This event is a great way for the general public to attend an international competition and witness the capabilities of German Shepherd Dogs and their handlers from around the world, and meet the team’s close-up.  In honor of the German Shepherd Dogs role in military and law enforcement we also encourage everyone to go online to sponsor a ticket for a wounded warrior or veteran and their family,” noted Dan Yee, WUSV World Championship Chair.


Tickets for the trials are $20 for Adults (children under 8 are free) and available for purchase at


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