The free Specialized Medical Care Program for Retired MWDs offered through the United States War Dogs Association, American Humane Association and Red Bank Veterinary Hospital.

With Healthcare costs on the rise, will help eliminate some of the financial burden put upon individuals and families who have adopted a Retired MWD. This is not an insurance program. This is Specialized Medical Care Program for your Retired MWDs which will only be recognized by Red Bank Veterinary Hospitals of New Jersey. There are five locations: Tinton Falls, Cherry Hill, Hillsborough, Linwood and Red Bank. For more information on Red Bank Veterinary Hospital visit their website at:

Before this program can go into effect we will need a Specialized Medical Care Program application filled out and a copy of your Retired MWDs Adoption papers mailed, emailed or faxed to us. Once we receive the application and copy of adoptions papers, you and your dog will be entered into our data base which will be only shared with Red Bank Veterinary Hospital..

If any MWD is already signed up for our Free Rx Prescription Drug Program, you will not have to sign up a second time, since you will have already been signed up in our data base.

Here is how the program will work.

You must contact the United States War Dogs Association first. Then the United States War Dogs Association will verify your eligibility. Once verified The United States War Dogs Association will authorize Specialized treatment at Red Bank Veterinary Hospitals..  Red Bank will then contact you to set up an appointment.

Do not go directly to Red Banks Veterinary Hospital without our  authorization. You will be rejected for treatment.

Also this service is  not for routine Visits.

You must have a referral from your local Veterinarian and have your dog’s medical records, x-rays , etc.Diagnostic testing is to be done by your local Veterinarian.

No Prescriptions are to be filled out at Red Bank Veterinarian Hospital. If you do, you will be responsible for payment.

All prescriptions are to be sent to our designated Pharmacy through our Rx Program.

Your responsibility will be to provide your own transportation. Specialized Medical Care will be free of charge and while your dog is being cared for at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital,

For Registration Application below link.

Registration form

For further information please contact.

Ron Aiello

U. S. War Dogs Association, Inc.

1313 Mt. Holly Road

Burlington, New Jersey 08016

Phone No: 609-747-9340

Cell No: 609-234-4539

Fax No: 609-747-9340

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