The United States War Dogs Association, Inc. is a nonprofit organization of Former and Current US Military Dog Handlers and supporting members committed to promoting the long history of the Military Service Dogs, establishing permanent War Dog Memorials, and educating the public about the invaluable service of these canines to our country.


The ABC's of Military Working Dogs Adoptions.

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02 February 2012

Objectives:   United States War Dogs Association, Inc.  National Headquarters.

1.  Education  -  With the use of our Traveling    U. S. War Dog Exhibit, bring the history of  all U. S. Military War Dogs from all Wars to the general public.

2.  War Dog Memorial - Help raise funds to establish  War Dog Memorials.

3.  K-9 Corps Commemorative Stamp Drive Sign on for petitions to have the Postal Service issue a commemorative stamp for all Military Working Dogs.

4.  National MemorialHelp to establish a National War Dog Memorial in  Washington, DC.        

5.  Support -  Through our fund raising: service dog organizations such as Military Working Dogs, Law Enforcement  K-9 units  and Search and Rescue units.

6.  K-9 Adoption - Help in the process of adopting retiring Military and Police Canines.

7.  Support - Post-deployment outreach for returning troops.