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War Dogs - Returned - Vietnam
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The United States War Dogs Association

War Dogs - Returned
How Many Dogs Returned Home?

Only 204 dogs exited Vietnam during the 10-year period. Some
remained in the Pacific, and some returned to the United States. None returned to
civilian life. So what happened to the dogs that remained? Most where
euthanized and the others where turned over to the ARVN (South Vietnamese

The following is a partial list of the canines who were returned.

Adolph            X658 


Babe                84A4

Badger             8A37

Bar                   189A

Baron               765A

Baron               1K67

Baron               7M08

Baron               9A82

Benno              K075

Birka                27A6

Bissie               0K53

Bo                    1A76

Bourbon           M062

Bourbon           75A8

Boy                  T002

Brandy             82A8

Brownie           996A

Bruce               M133

Bruce               133M

Bruno               81X3

Bud                  6990M

Bull                  759A

Bullet               S089

Captain            X073

Casey               742A

Charlie             M397

Chief                40A9

Chief                604A

Coffee              903M

Devil                T050

Dino                 M465

Dino                 4A21

Duke                M051

Duke                M519

Duke                T068

Duke                32A8

Duke                360M

Duke                61A6

Duke                756M

Duke                82M3

Duke                971M

Falk                  95X7

Fritz                  1K14

Fritz                  3M75

Fritz                  76A6

Fritz                  78A4

Gabriel              6S08

Goldie               0H27

Gordo                89X0

Gretchen           316M

Gretchen           579A

Gretchen           7K19

Gus                    988M

Hans                  S379

Hanz                  M333

Hasid                 M932

Herman             M417

Hitler                622A

Hobo                5K58

Jack                  6S11

Jerry                 6S14

Jet                    X208

Jumbo              833M

Kazan              1K47

King                 M000

King                 S274

King                 X014

King                 X652

King                 07M8

King                 101A

King                 3K92

King                 58A3

King                 7A99

King                 898A

King                 95A0

King                 961A

Knothead         1K37

Kurt                 X609

Linus                9A09

Lobo                M294

Lobo                94A5

Mack               X642

Major               053M

Major               5A46

Major               683A

March              7A83

Misty                667E

Murphy            6M77

Mycyn              M044

Nemo               A534

Ness                 6S10

Nicky               102M

Nikki                7M38

Nipper              4X26

Nui                   5K68

Omar                T016

Otis                   T019

Patches             M808

Parker               36A3

Paul                  6S06

Pepe                 89A4

Pete                  6S07

Prince               1M32

Prince               14M1

Prince               2M85

Prince               6A18

Prince               768F

Prince               871M

Puddles             807M

Queen               T069

Quick Silver      S312

Ramo                3A48

Rex                   M018

Rex                   M640

Rex                   1S55

Rex                   5X40

Ringo                873A

Rinty                M638

Rommel            956M

Rover               6K00

Sabre                0H31

Sam                  M016

Sam                  653A

Sam                  983M

Samantha         3A93

Sambo              S304

Samson            24A1

Sandy               S432

Sargeant           998A

Scout                2X55

Shad                 0M99

Shep (?)            7X10 (?)

Shep                 885A

Shep                 9A64

Siggy                07A8

Silver                M293

Smith                1K80

Smokey            X354

Smokey            051A

Smokey            381M

Smokey            58A8

Smokey            584M

Smokey            7K48

Smokey            87M0

Smokey            9X29

Sodge               226A

Sport                115A

Star                  748M

Stoney              047M

Teardrop          5X91

Teddy               3K23

Tiger                 739M

Trooper-II        086A

Tumak              29A4

Udo                  6S12

Ulric                 6S13

Ulyses              6S02

Wendel            6S16

Willy                T037

Wolf                 X548

Wolf                 66M0

Zeus                 296A

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