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Hero Dog

Local soldier’s companion candidate for top award


At 9 years old, Gabe, a yellow Labrador, looks like any older dog, with white fur peppering his strong golden face.

He’s affectionate to anyone he meets, and enjoys the little things in life, like treats; spending time with his owner, Sgt. 1st Class Charles “Chuck” Shuck; and lying in the sunshine at their home in Columbia, S.C.

Looking at him, you would never guess he was anything besides a happy, loved pet. But his eyes tell a tale –a tale of purpose and patriotism.

Gabe’s story began on the streets of Houston, Texas.



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One Comment

  1. These gallant dogs go above and beyond being “mans best friend”. I hope that Congress moves swiftly to allow these noble dogs to be adopted by their handlers.

    Time and time again these four legged soldiers prove their bravery, loyalty and dedication to service.

    Happy Memorial Day to all those fallen four legged soldiers and the ones who remain in active duty.

    A very proud Marine’s daughter, and dog lover.

    Rene’e and Cooper (woof)