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‘Bulldog’ Bde. farewells mascot, welcomes new one

The 1st Armored Division’s 3rd Brigade Combat Team bid farewell to a retiring Soldier and welcomed a new recruit Sept. 27 at the brigade’s headquarters at East Fort Bliss.

Arrivals and departures are business as usual in the Army, but these two were unique: both are American bulldogs.

Sgt. 1st Class Gunner D. Chester V has been the brigade’s mascot since 2005, when the brigade was stationed at Fort Riley, Kan. Shortly after the brigade, known as the “Bulldog” Brigade, activated at Fort Bliss in 2009, Chester V rejoined the formation. As mascot, he attended ceremonies, brigade runs and other events and was a particular favorite with Soldiers’ children.


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  1. I did not look back on my experience or talk about it until I attended a Vietnam veterans’ reunion in Ft. Collins, Colorado. I have since attended The Society of the 173d Airborne reunions in Tucson, AZ and Rochester, MN. The City of Rochester gave us a real “Welcome Home” celebration that really made me feel like that year in Vietnam was something I should be proud of. I went back to college when I got out in 1969 and did not feel comfortable with the protests and demonstrations, but accepted the freedom that those people had to express their views. When I was drafted, I believed we should be patriotic and do our duty.