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Breeding Program Turns Puppies Into Troops

Bernadine Green stands tall amid a group of young military recruits in training, assessing their behavior for signs of future excellence.

In the coming months, some of these troops will “wash out” of training, while others will go on to serve their nation, saving lives and ensuring security in locations around the world.

But for the moment, Green is content to just stand back and watch. These future troops are, after all, just a few weeks old and of a much different sort — or, to put it more accurately, breed — than their military training counterparts.

While Lackland is known for its basic military training — a grueling eight-and-a-half week program that turns young men and women into airmen — it’s also home to the Defense Department’s Military Working Dog Breeding Program, which provides working dogs to every service branch and numbers among the largest military breeding programs in the world.

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