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Black Dog Redemption

 Authored by Mr. Greg Plank               

You may never look at your dog or any dog in the same way again. When the black dog is found at a murder scene, fear, loyalty, love and the ghosts of war begin to converge. Lives will be challenged and changed, but for the good or bad? Is the black dog the ancient symbol of death and the devil, or a sign of a better future and redemption for three troubled souls?

An American novel tribute to all military and law enforcement

past and present and their families and  all canines

who have served mankind through the centuries.

“We sleep in quiet piece tonight because of them.”

“What can I say? WOW! You touched every emotion a person can have

while reading. I think that every dog owner, people in and retired from

the military and law enforcement, will enjoy this book.”

Ron Aiello


United States War Dogs Association

Vietnam Veteran Marine Scout Dog Handler

(I owe a good amount of thanks for his encouragement to Ron…Greg Plank)

“The book brought back a lot of memories. We don’t give animals the

credit they deserve and for the effect they have on our lives…a big St.

Bernard is the main character in the outdoor stories I do today. The book

was very enjoyable.”

Jack Elrod

Artist and writer of the syndicated

Outdoor Feature MARK TRAIL


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