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Bill to help canine comrades in arms

For a pair of pooch-loving lawmakers, no dog should be left behind.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) and Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.) are pushing legislation to better ensure that a soldier’s best friend — the military working dog — is provided a good home and veterinary care in retirement.

“These dogs are friends, compatriots, comrades in arms, and they really deserve better,” Blumenthal said. “The current system is haphazard and unfocused — not through any ill will or bad intentions. It just fails to do as good a job as we should be doing.”


  1. Please get this bill passed! This time lets not leave these dogs behind! If memory serves me correctly we left and/or destroyed over 4000 of these Canine Heroes in Vietnam, let’s not do that disgrace or massacre again! They are soldiers just like there human counterparts and deserve as much respect if not more! Ask the men and women who’s live were saved by these Canine Heroes! They didn’t volunteer for the job, they were drafted! These living, breathing and loving animals, which a lot of Americans would consider part of their family and are not piece of equipment or inanimate object! Bring them home, spend our tax dollars for something worthwhile and useful for once! Hell the White House and the Congressional Cafeteria can serve hamburgers for awhile, instead of steak for the money to bring these Canine Heroes home! Sorry wee are all cutting back in hard times and these Canine Heroes deserve the change the government official’s diet!

    Thank You,
    Dewey Spring

  2. Just called Senator Diane Finestein’s (Calif) office to request that she support the bill. Her aide states this is the first he’s heard of it, but will pass it along to the Senator.
    Come on Californian’s! Let’s show the rest of the other states that we’re behind this bill 100% and wish to make the dream a reality.
    These Canine Heroes deserve better.
    I wish you the best,
    Susie Wise

  3. This is a great bill. Everyone needs to call their Representative and Senators in support of the House and Senate versions of the bill. As a veteran myself and someone who works with Congress on animal protection issues, this bill is long overdue. Thanks to the sponsors!

    To see if your Senators AND Representative are supporting these bills, visit AWI’s Compassion Index at