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Breeding Program Turns Puppies Into Troops

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Bernadine Green stands tall amid a group of young military recruits in training, assessing their behavior for signs of future excellence. In the coming months, some of these troops will “wash out” of training, while others will go on to serve their nation, saving lives and ensuring security in locations around the world. But for the moment, Green is content to just stand back and watch. These future troops are, after all, just a few weeks old and of a much different sort — or, to put it more accurately, breed — than their military training counterparts. While Lackland is known for its basic military training — a grueling eight-and-a-half week program that turns young men and women into airmen — it’s also home to the Defense Department’s Military Working Dog Breeding Program, which provides working dogs to every...

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The Dogs of War: Training, deployment and the golden years

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Veterans returning from wars can often count on a reservoir of goodwill from the public to help them make the transition to civilian life. And there are programs to help them begin new, post-military careers. But sometimes, it gets complicated. Eric Falconer, for example, has spent months trying to match up some of the nation’s most steadfast and loyal retired warriors with local law enforcement agencies, but without much luck. That’s because the vets in question are of the four-legged variety, and their situations and needs are unique. Read...

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FUNDRAISER April 30 – May 5, 2012: Garrett Container Systems, Inc. Is organizing a Department of Defense Worldwide Joint Service Canine Trials and Training Seminar at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio , Texas . The week long gala will include 40 Military Working Dog Teams (competition), Kennel Masters, Trainers, Senior Military Leaders representing the Military Police, Combat Engineers, Infantry, and Special Forces communities. There will be 20 Vender Exhibition booths displaying MWD products and services. Larry Chilcoat, JBMF, Inc. Will set up a booth and raffle off three 12 inch Resin Models of the national monument’s pedestal figures (4 dogs and dog handler). John Burnam, President, JBMF, Inc. And author of “Dog Tags of Courage” and “A Soldier’s Best Friend” will be the keynote speaker for the national monument fundraiser. Proceeds for this event will be donated to...

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Advocates lobby for military dogs

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They have four legs, cold wet noses and tails that often wag furiously. Yet the Defense Department classifies its working dogs as equipment. Advocates for the four-footed troops want this to change. “When you lose a military working dog, you can’t just take another one off the shelf,” said Debbie Kandoll, founder of Military Working Dog Adoptions. “They’re not that easy to replace.” Kandoll said she thinks the labeling of working dogs as equipment came by default. “There are two classifications: manpower and equipment,” she said. “They’re not manpower, so they’re equipment.” And once they retire, they’re classified as excess equipment. “They could create a separate category for them, but they’ve just never done that,” Kandoll said. The result, Kandoll said, is that retired military working dogs do not get the benefits they deserve, specifically transportation home, medical care...

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When a dog isn’t a dog

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When an insurgent rocket attack badly injured Cpl. Dustin Lee while he was on patrol in Iraq, his shrapnel-impaled partner, Lex, picked himself up to lie over Lee – an effort to protect him. “He knew Dustin was injured,” said Lee’s mom, Rachel. Lex was his bomb-sniffing dog. Lee didn’t survive his injuries, but Lex did – and became a part of the Lee family when Rachel adopted him. “When Dustin was killed, one of the first things I asked about was Lex, because of their camaraderie. They depended on each other” Lex, a German shepherd, served in the Marines as a military working dog. There are about 2,700 dogs serving worldwide, according to the Defense Department. Roughly 600 of these dogs are deployed in designated war zones overseas, including Afghanistan, areas of Africa and Kuwait. These “war dogs”...

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