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USWDA Scholarship Fund – 2017




The United States War Dogs Association (USWDA) is a nonprofit organization registered under IRS Code Section 501(c) (19) and reporting under IRS Tax ID 01-0597921. Our mission is to support the Military Working Dog Teams wherever deployed, and to educate the general public on the role of the Military Working Dog (MWD) currently and in the past.

The United States War Dogs Association Board of Directors has considered and approved a scholarship fund to be made available to MWD Handlers and/or their dependents.  The fund consists of four scholarships to be awarded yearly unless funding ends.   If this occurs, notification will be posted on our web site.   Funding is provided by individuals and corporations.  A separate scholarship fund account is provided for this purpose.   Administration of the Fund is provided by the USWDA Board of Directors.

The scholarships will be $5,000.00 each and these proceeds will be made payable to the school of the recipient’s choosing.  The fund is open to college or trade school, whichever the recipient declares with his or her application.

2017 Scholarship Awards – Each Scholarship award has been named in honor of a Fallen Handler who gave their all on the battlefield or at home, so that we may live in freedom.

  1. SSgt. Christopher Diaz Award         Biography
  2. Cpl. David M. Sonka Award               Biography
  3. Sgt. Joshua Farnsworth Award       Biography
  4. Sgt. Calvin W. Aguilar Award           Biography


All applicants must follow the requirements to file an application, which are as follows:

  • US Citizen
  • 18 years old
  • MWD Handler
  • Proof of Applicant’s MOS as a MWD Handler
  • Copy of High School Diploma or Records
  • MWD Handler’s Dependent verified by MWD Handler
  • Dependent’s Copy of High School Diploma or Records
  • Choice of College or Trade School


All applicants will provide with their application a 750-word essay to encompass the following:

  • The mission of the MWD
  • Training of the MWD
  • The relationship between the MWD and the Handler
  • Deployment of the MWD and their functions such as bomb, drug and personnel detection explained.

All applications and essays will be sent to United States War Dogs Association, c/o Robert J. Cicero 100 Rockingchair Road, White Plains, NY 10607-1700.  The applications and essays will be reviewed and recommendations will be brought for consideration to the US War Dogs Association, Board of Directors.   Completed application packets must be mailed by April 8, 2017 to be considered. Fax or email applications will not be accepted. The winners of the scholarships will be notified by mail no later than May 8, 2017.

Applications can be acquired by visiting our web site at

If there are questions concerning the intent of this communiqué or questions concerning the scholarship fund, please place them in writing and send to the address posted above or e-mail at

From all of us at the USWDA, we wish you good luck and look forward to receiving your application and essay.


The Board of Directors

United States War Dogs Association


Ron Aiello, President

Bob Cicero, Vice President

Bucky Grimm, Treasurer

Gene Wimberly, Secretary

Al Gunderson, Sgt at Arms




2017 Scholarship Fund Application